St Abdon’s Day Celebrated at Coopers’ Hall

30th July is the time of year for St Abdon’s feast, and given he is the Coopers’ patron saint, a joint event run by the Company and Society was organised to celebrate the occasion on the Thursday closest to the day.

Planning began early in the year with an organising committee considering the beer & glasses as a priority with other details following!

With a history of almost 800 years of ensuring food and drink is shared amongst good friends, and with thanks to our associates at the renowned Hook Norton Brewery, a special edition ‘Abdon’s Ale’ was commissioned which was delivered to Coopers’ Hall a few days before the event ensuring the beer was in the finest condition.

The scene was set and we welcomed nearly 80 guests including Coopers’ members & their friends, along with members of other livery companies.  Additionally, we were extremely well supported by the Guild of Young Freemen who are also big supporters of the annual Cask Race in Guildhall Square which we would struggle to run without their assistance on the day.

The weather was kind and guests were welcomed by The President of the Society, Kevin Chapman.  Ticket price included a commemorative glass, first pint of ale from the firkin and a light buffet.  Further bottled beer (wine and soft drinks) were bought and it was commented ‘we were the most reasonably priced bar in London’!

Fun was had with a cask building competition with official timekeepers Liverymen Liam Randall and Samantha Conlon keeping score.  First prize of a case of Abdon’s Ale was won two Young Freeman with the fastest build during the evening.

Last year a group of Coopers celebrated this special day with a wine tasting.  Who knows what next year will bring and we trust that there will be many more annual celebrations of St Abdon’s Day in coming years!

Take a look at the first pint being pulled on this special occasion: